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Novastar is a Belgian band led by Dutch-born singer-songwriter and guitarist/pianist Joost Zweegers. The band is known for it’s deep, emotional ballads and the pure, high voice of its lead singer. Novastar released 4 full albums to date, which spawned a number of hit singles: Wrong, The Best Is Yet To Come, Caramia, Never Back Down, Because and - more recently - Closer To You, to name just a few. For the most recent album “Inside Outside” Joost spent a good 4 months on British grounds, writing and recording with producer John Leckie (known for his work with The Stone Roses, The Verve, Muse, My Morning Jacket, Pink Floyd & Harrison) and some of England's finest musicians. The result is an album that rightfully earned its place near the top of many Best-Albums-of-2014 lists.